Leather Care Instructions


Bought a new leather bag? Here’s how to take care of it


After the purchase of your new leather bag or accessory you’ll want to enjoy it for as long as possible. And you might wonder how to take care of your leather bag? Leather is a natural material, which means it must be taken care of regularly, to maintain its great shape.

A well maintained piece will last for years and only gets better with age. To ensure that you can enjoy your leather items, check out these leather care instructions to stay best friends for a lifetime. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your leather in its best shape.

How to Care for Leather

  • Protection.
    From the moment you own your item, make sure to use a leather waterproof / anti-spot protector to protect it from the elements, such as water and direct sunlight. Continue doing this for about every 2 months when using it regularly. Always spot-test before you start.
  • Heat.
    Keep your bag away from direct sunlight or heat, since this can dry out the leather and it makes the colours fade away.
  • Overfilling.
    Try to avoid overfilling your leather bag, clutch or wallet, as this causes stretching and is extremely difficult to reverse. So for all you ladies who have the tendency to bring along tons of stuff: try to keep it organised and fill the bag with small pouches to hold smaller items.
  • Cleaning.
    When leather gets dirty, use a clean cloth and semi-hot water on smooth leather to clean it. Not every leather item should be treated equally. Therefore always show your leather to your local leather expert (such as a shoemaker) if you are unsure what to use to clean it.
  • Drying.
    Allow the leather to dry at room temperature. Don’t place it near the heating or dry it with a hairdryer because the leather can crack and dry out. Stuff it with newspaper pages to keep it in shape when drying.
  • Stains.
    Leather is a natural product. It has tiny pores, therefore it’s not entirely water-resistant. Dried water stains, can be taken care of by gently rubbing the leather sides against each other.
  • Irregularities.
    VANK uses naturally produced leather materials. Any irregularities in the material, such as the colour or outer surface, are intentional and are a sign of quality and authenticity.
  • Storage.
    When you aren’t using your leather item, keep it stored away from direct sunlight and humid areas. Avoid dust by placing it in a white or neutral canvas or cotton bag. I strongly suggest not to use a dark or coloured dust bag, because they can leave stains nor use a polyester bag, because they ventilate less. When you don’t have a good dust bag, a good alternative is a soft cotton white pillowcase. Always remember to take the handbag out to be aired at least twice a month. Before you store it for a longer period, clean it first, because stains are more difficult to get rid of over a longer period.

Enjoy your new bag!


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